Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I turned the big 2-0 last monday. It was the first time I have ever gone to school on my birthday. It wasn't as fun as I thought..probably since I don't have a locker for someone to decorate. haha. Josh had to work, but when he got home we went out to dinner to my favorite place, happy sushi. We may have over did it...we got two large rolls, two pieces of yellow tail nagiri, veggie tempura, and gyoza. It was so yummy. We had a good laugh at the people sitting next to us too. They had never eaten sushi before and were making a big show about how cool they felt eating the raw fish in a california roll. For those of you who don't know a california roll has no fish in it. Its crab, cucumber and avocado. I thought it was funny anyway. We had our waitress take a picture of us, and then we took one of the yummy rolls.

After dinner we took the dogs to the park. We were going to see a movie and we didn't want Keisha barking in her kennel all night while we were gone. Shes already getting so much bigger. When we go for walks she can actually walk instead of running to keep up with Faye and I. She sleeps through the night now too so I don't have to get up every few hours to let her have a potty break. I was getting so many mosquito bites it was a little ridiculous. This is Keisha and Faye playing. Josh thinks Keisha looks like a bear.

Birthday Present!

Friday, July 3, 2009

For my birthday I got an adorable little golden retriever. At first we weren't sure if it would work out with the town house, but she has been surprisingly very well behaved and she even calms down faye. We decided (more like I did:] ) to name her Keisha. Get it? Kemo + Miesha = Keisha. They love to play under this big tree right outside our back door. Its so cute. Faye will only play with her laying down. Shes usually surprisingly gentle, but some times she has to show the boss is and she just kind of walks on top of her. Anyway..last sunday we went up to Bear Lake and we let the dogs run around. They both had a blast (especially faye who got a kick out of chasing the seagulls.) It was so fun to finally be able to enjoy some sunshine. Here they are!

Keisha looooved to roll around in the sand. I don't know if she just wanted to make it hard to give her a bath or what..but it was cute. Faye on the other hand ran around and around for a half hour trying to catch these birds. She got soaking wet. It was so funny. Her ears look hilarious all wet because they're so long. haha

Keisha loved playing in the water too!

Faye got so mad when we had to put her on a leash since she kept running by this couple who didn't look very happy with having a wet dog running back and forth in front of them. I can't understand why. She wouldn't even look at us when we called her name. Keisha got so exhausted. she fell asleep after 10 minutes. Of course we didn't leave without getting a couple raspberry shakes.