Thursday, August 5, 2010

For those of you who don't know...Josh and I have been living in Muscatine Iowa for the summer. The summer is almost over, and we have had a lot of fun days...but mostly boring ones for me. Muscatine isn't nearly as thrilling as it sounds. For one, there is this VERY pungent smell that comes from what people claim to be a timber mill, but I really don't think such a horrible smell can come from that haha. anywhoo.. besides the "Muscatine Musk" there isn't really much more to say about it. My friend Ashley and I have taken trips up to Iowa City or Davenport to have something to do and we got memberships to the YMCA out here. Its actually pretty cool because they have a lot of classes you can take. I recently just started a ZOOMBA class...its aerobic latin dance class. The only day Josh gets off is Sunday so we usually try to find something fun to do on those days. Last week we went to the Amana Colonies. They are part of this society that was founded in the 1700s where the town owned everything and the villagers were assigned living and eating houses. The colonies lasted all the way until the 1930s and now they are a pretty awesome tourist trap. They have these old bakeries and candy, toy, antique and clock shops. It was so quaint and peaceful there. We got some salt water taffy and flavored honey sticks and an AWESOME salt lamp. In case you haven't heard of them, they are blocks of salt that have a light inside. Not only are they really neat looking, but they send out positive ions that react with the negative ions in the air. They are supposed to decrease dust and help with asthma and other health problems. Josh has been wanting one and they are kinda hard to find.

We stopped into a winery too and looked at the process (they had windows into the winery room) and they had models of what the wining process used to be. It was pretty neat. plus we got to sample a crap load of cheese!! I'm not sure if Chipotle cheddar is the classiest cheese, but oh my it was delicious.

yes...those ARE the blues brothers in the winery!! we were excited.

In other news I planted a very very modest some pots. haha I have a couple herbs that died after 3 weeks and a serrano pepper plant. I did plant tomatoes and it got really big but I'm sure it wont give any tomatoes until after we leave so I'm pretty bummed about that. It was only a dollar plant at the farmers market though, so I'm not completely crushed. Here is my first pepper! I was so excited.

We've been doing other fun things to...we went to the casino which was fun...but I lost all the money I played with. I'll leave black jack to josh.

longg time coming!

Since I haven't updated my blog in over 6 months, I thought I'd give a little overview of what we have been up to since then. We went to Josh's parents house for Christmas and we decided to go sledding so I have some cute pictures.

I have some random pictures of the dogs too. we had a little bit of spring does everyone who lives in Utah I'm guessing, so we took the dogs up the canyon a few times and tried to have a picnic even though it was still pretty cold.

This is of Keisha in heat. I didn't want to get her spayed...I mean just look at that face!!! But jokes on me now because we were going to wait until we got to Iowa to have her surgery, but its 300 dollars here!! what a joke!!! Now we have to wait to get back to Logan anyway. anywhoooo...the diapers were a pain in the butt but she looked so funny in them I had to take a couple pictures.

well thats all for now..I have to do laundry but I'm hopefully I will get to updating about Iowa soon.