Married life!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Josh and I got married a couple weeks ago!! The wedding and reception was amazing. We haven't gotten the pictures back yet, but I'm so excited to see them. Landon, the photographer was taking pictures for more than a few hours straight. Luckily we got him to sit down for a few minutes so he could enjoy some food. I looooovved the hot chocolate bar we had. It was probably my most favorite thing of the night haha. I wish I would have had a few more free minutes, so I could have had another cup. :)

After the wedding Josh and I drove to the hotel. There was a disgusting smell from under the seat where we found a can of open sardines. yuck. Josh's brothers weren't very nice...
The honeymoon was soooo sooo amazing. We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was so beautiful. We had fun horseback riding on the beach, and snorkeling in las caletas where we got to take pictures with a monkey and parrots. It was amazing!! It was great to ring in the new year while watching fireworks on the beach.

Now we are having fun fixing up the apartment and transforming it into a home instead of a bachelor pad. Sorry Josh, but the plastic plates had to go. haha!