Monday, September 14, 2009

The day after we got home from the cruise Josh and I drove down to orem to go the the Blink 182 concert. It was great. The lights the used were really neat, and it was so fun to sing along to all there songs from when I was younger. Taking back sunday played before them and they were really good too. We got some pretty cool pictures. At the end of the show travis Barker did this drum solo and they lifted him on this suspended platform and it actually rotated when him parallel to the ground. It was awesome. We ate at dennys with Josh's brothers after the show. and then we got to drive two hours home.

Cruise to Mexico!

Josh and I went on a cruise last week and we had so much fun. We had to reverse our itinerary so we could go around a category 4 hurricane, but we were able to stop at the ports so it worked out well. It was fun to go back to Puerto Vallarta where we spent our honeymoon. We got chips and salsa at a restaurant on the boardwalk and we were able to watch the sun go down over the ocean. It was so beautiful. In Mazatlan we rented 4 wheelers and drove them around the city and then down to the beach. It was such a blast. I even drove a little on the beach even though I was little nervous since I had just seen two people roll there’s. Luckily no one got seriously hurt because some of those guys were a little crazy. We also went to a really neat resort that had this little cliff you could jump off of into the pool. We got really sunburned that day so we tried to avoid being out in the sun for the rest of the cruise.

Like the tattoo I got? It was so cheap I couldn't resist.

Just kidding. Its henna and it has already faded haha. I have to admit I liked how it looked but I could never get a real one.

Josh and I had fun at the casino. Mostly Josh did since I lost all the money I played. Josh did pretty well in Black Jack and by the end he was up pretty big so we treated ourselves to some new watches. The boat had a good deal on them. It’s nice to be home with our doggies but I miss the sun already.