Monday, November 15, 2010

This is a post about nothing. I wanted to post more regularly, but sadly I don't get out much with school and working full time. My mom came into town last week and we had fun traipsing around logan for a couple days. One of which involved crepes from The Crepery and man were they delicious. They are located inside Citrus and Sage and everyone should go check it out.

In case you didn't know, I've become kinda obsessed with the Colbert Report on comedy central. First of hilarious. and second of all they occasionally have really good entertainers. Thats were I first heard the song on my playlist by Cee-Lo Green. Sorry for the language, but boy is it catchy. He did a duet with Elvis Costello..i think it was last week. and it was really neat so I'm posting a link.

Another funny internet phenomenon is the kid from the rape news story. I first watched this a couple months ago but he was on the George Lopez show the other day and it was just as funny as the first time I saw it. holy crap its funny so if you haven't watched it yet..DO!

well thats all of the ramblings I have to share today. I'm sorry my life revolves around what i see on television..but it can't be helped.


Jerrick and Amy said...

Well... the language wasn't a problem on GLEE! I hadn't heard that song... and then I just read your blog! I thought the words were actually forget you! HAHA! ohhh gleeeee :)

Katy said...

haha I haven't seen that episode yet but you've made me excited! It almost rings better that way anyway but I couldn't find the edited version

Kim Francom said...

I love that song. I thought it was forget you too, I hear it on the radio. We need to plan something soon! Love ya.