Labor Day Camping Trip

Thursday, October 21, 2010

During Labor Day, (I know, I know, I'm late.) we went up to Bear Lake to camp with Josh's family. It was fun...but also FREEZING!! At night I slept with my head under all our blankets since my nose would freeze if I left it out haha. We went fishing and to that expanse of beach where dogs don't have to be on leashes. I have never seen happier dogs. Faye loves swimming...and Josh loves seeing how far out she'll go. Shes such a trooper...shes a lot shorter than Keisha and Marley, but she would stick it out even when she couldn't touch and they could...for awhile anyway. I think she didn't quite understand how to breathe because she would puff air out of her nose and it looked kinda of course I made her come back in :).

The last day we were there Josh, Kamye and I took out the fishing boat and we actually caught a fish! well I fell asleep for while and when I woke up we had landing in a school of a ton of fish. I'm not gonna lie, he tasted pretty good. or she...its hard to tell with fish.

p.s. can you tell which is Keisha and which is Marley? I got them mixed up a couple times!!

Last week my dad was in town so we went down to Layton to have dinner with him, Kim and Brett, and my grandparents. It was so nice to see everyone since I haven't seen them since June. I'm sorry...I'm a bad sister. I don't have pictures but we went to famous daves so you can imagine all of our grins.


Jerrick and Amy said...

Keisha is next to Faye! Come on... I know my niece when I see her!