I won!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this afternoon something amazing happened. I was just getting home from class and eating a snack when the ups guy dropped off a package for me. I hadn't ordered anything so I was really confused. I opened it and it was Jillian Michaels' (the mean trainer from biggest loser) book and little exercise cards. I remember looking at them online because I had seen her commercial and went to check out her website, but I KNOW that I didn't enter any of my information. So I was panicking that someone had stolen my card and then out of guilt they sent me a gift? I checked my account...nothing. Finally Josh thought of opening the front cover of the book voila! there was a little note that said "congrats on being a self magazine sweepstakes winner!" This was my face when I found out.

Even though it wasn't the best prize, I couldn't believe I actually won something. It was great. After I read the card I remembered entering last June when I started the self challenge...that I never completed. It was a sweepstakes where you could win a ton of different prizes and you pick your top five that you would like to win. My strategy was to pick ones that I thought I actually had a chance at winning (not like the second honeymoon to Greece). Jokes on you sweepstakes losers! My strategy paid off!! I know I know..its only a book. haha

I forgot to put up pictures of camping a couple weeks ago. So here they are!


Ashley said...

That is so AWESOME!!! I am so Jealous! You freakin Whore... I want to win. LOL!!! Thanks for the IceCream and Card again. You guys are so sweet.

We have not hung out in so long... I miss the Dearings!!

Brett and Kim Francom said...

Dork... lol. jk. You are so cute.